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Business Card – Design

I viewed that engaging with people I meet during my walks I will use to record images for my project is one way for me to generate local interest in the project. I therefore thought […]

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Photography at the Crossroads – Reflection

In 2016 when I started to look at the longer term vision for my practice over a 10 year time horizon, I defined it in relatively narrow terms based around the creation of narrative based […]

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Project: Walking Nighttime

Following a talk by Laura Pannack at Somerset House I continued with my walking photography experiments. This time using the night timelapse functionality on the GoPro. I decided to use the picture mode instead of […]

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Project: Walking Project

One of the potential contexts identified in my research proposal to allow audiences to engage with my work is via a virtual gallery. It will be hosted on a website and will require the generation […]

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Project Research – Wildlife Locations

Undertaking a project that encompasses 350 miles of coastline is a huge undertaking especially when the objective is to create a resolved body of work within 2 years. Such an undertaking reminds me of the […]

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Introducing Proposal and audience – Reflection

When considering the the topic of proposals and their target audience I looked at a number of different sources. The first was to consider how I use proposals in my current role and second to […]

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Theory in Practice – Reflection

I consider my photographic practice to still be in the forming stage. I have a number of subjects which create stronger emotional connections for me than other subject types of forms of photography. The images […]

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