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Peer Review Video Presentations – Reflection

For me the video presentation represented a chance to share an early preview of my critical review of practice that will be submitted at the end of April. When preparing the video I had to […]

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Critical Review Video

For the video presentation in Module one I prepared the presentation using the same approach I have used when speaking at conferences as part of my current job. If I am doing a 30 minute […]

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I am Me – Part 2

 During this week we discussed the subject of a photographer response and responsibilities and at the same time I visited the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Photography is heavily influenced by my environment […]

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Cats and Dogs – Concept

 The third photography interlude theme was ‘Cats and Dogs’ and would be my last theme as curator before I hand over my creation to other cohort members to act as theme setter and curator for […]

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Project – Portfolio Review

While at The Photography Show in Birmingham I arranged a portfolio review with Annemarie from the BIPP to discuss some examples of my current work. The portfolio contained images from three different bodies of work. City […]

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Responses and Responsibilities – Reflection

This week we considered the power of persuasion conveyed through the photographic image and we were asked to consider a world without photography ‘Try to imagine, if only for a moment, what your intellectual, political […]

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Cats and Dogs – Photo Interlude Group Portfolio

The combined portfolio from the MA students for review in webinar with Dr. Steph Cosgrove.

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I am Me – Part 1

The end of Week 8 and the topic was enter the Academy so we are now half way through the Informing Contexts Module, with a heavy bias towards critical theory and how to apply it […]

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Responses and Responsibility – Notes

Questions:  What images do you remember? Why was that? Where did you see them? Are we desensitised to images of conflict today? What imagery provokes change for you? Why? The Raising of the flag on […]

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Cats and Dogs – Photograph Interlude

For the third photography interlude I selected the theme “Cats and Dogs” when ever I buy a new piece of camera equipment invariably our cats and dogs are the subject of my test images. Sometimes […]

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