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From here to there – Webinar

In preparation for this week’s webinar I created a short pdf to cover the key material that might get discussed at the webinar. The presentation covers four topics: Preparation for London Photo Show: I have […]

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Time to Play – Activity

The second activity was time to play. As part of my practice I record at least a few images each day that capture an event which is part of daily life. For the last month […]

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Looking Back – Activity

I looked to answer the following questions in the activity Looking Back: Introduce the topic of your project Introduce the area of concern or your angle Summarise work made in previous modules Describe the intentions […]

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Artist Statement – Exhibition

In preparation for the exhibition at the London Photo Show they asked if I could provide a brief statement about myself as an artist to include on the website for the show and to put […]

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Southend-on-Sea Pier – Project

Intent Similar to the earlier shoot of Clacton Pier my intent was to record the smaller details of the pier’s deck and the superstructure of the pier. I wanted to adopt an approach that would […]

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London Photo Show – Print Selection

I decided that for the London Photo Show that I would exhibit work from my most recent body of work ‘Last person to leave turn of the tap’ the story of the current state of […]

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Clacton-on-Sea – Project

Intent Having taken some time to reflect on the feedback from Strategies and Surfaces especially about focusing on a single subject I decided to put that into practice in the next instalment of work for […]

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