A Marketing Plan – Activity

This activity is about creating a marketing plan for your practice which covers the next 10 weeks. Think about what you want to achieve with your photography during that time, and how you will make it happen. Your plan should include your objectives and weekly actions.

My practice is founded on storytelling expressed through photobooks or fine art prints and therefore my marketing activities are focused around those core tenants of practice. When reviewing the sustainability of my practice I recognise marketing activities as an area that could benefit from a significant uplift. 

Though this task focuses on the short term marketing activities I am looking at my marketing activities between now and the show that will accompany resolution of my project ‘Tilbury2Harwich’.


  • Raise my profile in the photography industry generally with a specific focus on Essex and London
  • Increase level of engagement on my website and social media channels
  • Develop a better understand of successful marketing through social media


  • Building contacts database of galleries, curators and museums in Essex and Chelmsford. Send a monthly postcard to people on the contact list sharing news from my practice
  • Holding bimonthly photowalks in Essex under my meetup group Essex Photowalks
  • Post a daily image on my Instagram account plus weekly stories that relate to my practice or project using the hashtag #Tilbury2Harwich for project related stories
  • Update my website http://simonfremont.com using established contemporary photographers as a comparison point
  • Invest time in a training course on social media marketing to refine my marketing strategy after the first 8 weeks


  • Increase in the number of postcards sent on a monthly basis in month 1 target is 12 postcards and by end of month 2 25 cards
  • Increase the number of photowalk attends to 10 people
  • Increase the number of Instagram followers from 60 to 120 by end of 8 week period
  • Increase the number of daily in page views on my website



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