Business Card – Design

I viewed that engaging with people I meet during my walks I will use to record images for my project is one way for me to generate local interest in the project. I therefore thought it would be nice if I could give those people some information that would provide them with an entry point to engage with the project during the development phase. I hope that it would help create some organic interest in the work and hopefully encourage them to visit the gallery show that I plan to organise to exhibit the body of work from the project.

I decided that one way to do this was to create business cards that I could give to people which would have my details and details for the website that will be created specifically for the project.

I decided that a simple design showing the coastline would be the most effective means to depict the goal of the project as I have yet to create any sizeable body of work for the project.

The business card shown is the first version which did not use the space effectively and has now be superseded by a new version where the icon of the coast line occupies the front and contact details are on the back.

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