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Module 2: Informing Contexts

Week 13 – Looking Forward – Research

Started by watching the Ed Ruscha video that provided a useful video monograph to his work. However I decided to dig further into the supporting material to understand the thought processes and concepts that linked […]

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Interim Feedback – Reflection

The Richard Billingham interview was an opportunity to hear an artist talk about their bodies of work and place them into context within their broader practice. Billlingham is interesting for a number of reasons partly […]

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Critical Review Video – Tools

During Module 1 (Positions and Practice) there was a task to submit a video defining our practices broadly I was happy with the finished product but I felt that there was room for improvement in […]

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Critical Review Video

For the video presentation in Module one I prepared the presentation using the same approach I have used when speaking at conferences as part of my current job. If I am doing a 30 minute […]

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Responses and Responsibilities – Reflection

This week we considered the power of persuasion conveyed through the photographic image and we were asked to consider a world without photography ‘Try to imagine, if only for a moment, what your intellectual, political […]

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Responses and Responsibility – Notes

Questions:  What images do you remember? Why was that? Where did you see them? Are we desensitised to images of conflict today? What imagery provokes change for you? Why? The Raising of the flag on […]

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Enter the Academy – Reflection

Many artists including photographs aspire to have their work exhibited in a gallery possibly as an affirmation that their work relevance and meaning. Yet when as a group we discussed our experience of visiting different […]

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Exhibition – Richard Mosse: Incoming

Week 8 included a task to visit a gallery I decided to go an exhibition by Richard Mosse at the Barbican Curve titled Incoming. The exhibition chart the journey of refuges crossing the Europes Borders. […]

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Speaking Photographically – Reflection

This week we have explored the topic of speaking photographically looking at the different bodies of work by Daniel Gustav Cramer and how those different bodies of work can be also viewed as a collective. […]

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A Sea of Images – Reflection

Today there are more and more images in circulation than ever before in the history of photography and that is only likely to increase exponentially as people gain access to more technology in their lives […]

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