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Module 2: Informing Contexts

Week 13 – Looking Forward – Research

Started by watching the Ed Ruscha video that provided a useful video monograph to his work. However I decided to dig further into the supporting material to understand the thought processes and concepts that linked […]

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I am Me – Work in Progress Module 2 Complete

When starting the MA in September 2016 one of the key learning points for me was to be able to take my work and place it with the context of contemporary photography and now as […]

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Project – City Canyons – Final Edit

The nature of Series No. 2 ‘City Canyons’ meant that I had a much smaller population of images to handle in the final edit because selection has taken place earlier in the creative process when […]

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Project – Re-seeing Childhood – Final Edit

Having spent many days viewing slides selection pairs of slides to combine for the Series No. 1 ‘Re-Seeing Childhood’ time has arrived to complete the final edit for images to include in the work in […]

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Project – City Canyons – Contextualisation

Using multiple exposures as part of the photographic process is not a new technique it was used by Sir Francis Galton as part of his eugenics photography in the 1880s fast forward to the 21st […]

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Project – Re-seeing Childhood – Creation (Revisited)

As the Childhood Memories project developed it was decided that the working title of Childhood Memories did not really accurately reflect the body of work and therefore it was decided to rename the series to […]

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Theme And – Concepts

I walk along Chiswell Street at least twice a day but it was only when Jo Sutherest set ‘And’ as the theme for the Photography Interlude did I realise that there are so many examples […]

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I am Me – Part 4

This week on the course we listed to an interview with Richard Billingham discussing his practice,  my time at the Magnum Photography course ‘Navigating the Art Market’ and reflect upon final preparation of my work […]

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Interim Feedback – Reflection

The Richard Billingham interview was an opportunity to hear an artist talk about their bodies of work and place them into context within their broader practice. Billlingham is interesting for a number of reasons partly […]

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Project- Re-seeing Childhood – Contextualisation

During Module two I decided to undertake two mini projects the first Series is titles “Re-seeing Childhood” and explores my childhood memories from the perspective of an adult. I was not born with a camera […]

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