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Module 2: Informing Contexts

Gazing at Photographs – Reflection

When reviewing my practice in the light of the topics discussed during this week it would be easy to select a singular reading based on the works of Susan Sontag or Roswell Angier. Instead I […]

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Into the Image World – Reflection

This week’s subject has been very different from the first 3 weeks of the informing context module I think this is partly because of level of peer discussion that took place compared to the earlier […]

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Viewers Make Meaning – Preparation

When reviewing an image to select for the discussion “Viewers Make Meaning” I was initially unsure which image from my practice to share given the diversity of the projects that contribute to define my practice. […]

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Where is the Author? – Preparation

When undertaking my research for the discussion the death of the author and birth of the reader I decided that I would select adverts for a specific slice of adverting to explore allowing me to […]

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Constructed Realities – Reflection

When discussing the constructed reality I feel on more familiar ground. When I am working with people within my photographic practice my work can be very much positioned as photographic constructions. My practice is not […]

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The Index and the Icon – Reflection

The work of Snyder & Allen pre-dates the introduction of the digital photography which means some of their theories need to be re-examined and tested to see if the position of photography as peculiar in […]

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Photography at the Crossroads – Reflection

In 2016 when I started to look at the longer term vision for my practice over a 10 year time horizon, I defined it in relatively narrow terms based around the creation of narrative based […]

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