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Module 1: Positions and Practice

Rethinking Photographers: Reflection

After week three’s collaboration challenge week 4 has been a change to examine how the broader populus view Professional Photographers and place our own practices into that context. The world is constantly changing and this […]

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Rethinking Photographers: Photojournalism & Amateur Aesthetics

The rise of user generated content has changed the way photography is used in a number of sectors especially journalism. In the past a newspapers would dispatch a journalist to cover a specific event or […]

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Rethinking Photographers: Impact of Technology

In my own practice the subjects that I like to shoot namely the environment and people have not changed however technology has changed significantly. My first camera was ¬†one of the first Canon EOS bodies […]

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Rethinking Photographers: Photography in Film

The cinema has traditionally portrayed photographers in films in a number of different roles. There is the biopic where the photographer is the central character of the film either told directly from the view point […]

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Collaboration: Reflection

For my own practice I have team of people who are my collaborative partners however they are from different disciplines who are involved at different stages of the creative process. Though ultimately creative license rests […]

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Collaboration: The process

The collaboration process for this project was going to have to be virtual given the timeframe and physical logistics. We agreed that as part of the image capture process I would take care of the […]

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Collaboration: The Idea

Collaboration Week. Collaborating with another photographer is not something that is new for me and there is a small group of photographers who I collaborate with on projects. However for the micro project to work […]

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Interdisciplinary approaches: Reflection

When starting this week’s study activities on the interdisciplinary nature of photography and how it relates to other disciplines in the space of media my starting point was to ask the question how to I […]

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The global image: Reflection

Reflecting upon the week 1 task the global image has different meaning beyond the image as a physical thing. The global image relates to the creation of the image, the way the image is distributed […]

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The global image: Selecting a global image

The global image was for me an interesting week 1 task. Like many of the other students to selecting an image that I considered to be truly global was a challenge. Is there really such […]

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