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Lens Culture – Review

During November I submitted some of my work for Exhibition at a New York gallery which included receiving a review of the submitted portfolio. Their feedback on the body of work in included below: Dear […]

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Work in Progress Portfolio – Assignment

My Work in Progress Portfolio for Module 3 is titled “Last person to Leave turn off the tap”. It is a photo essay about a disused Water Treatment Plant building that has been left with […]

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I am Me – Work in Progress Module 2 Complete

When starting the MA in September 2016 one of the key learning points for me was to be able to take my work and place it with the context of contemporary photography and now as […]

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I am Me – Part 4

This week on the course we listed to an interview with Richard Billingham discussing his practice,  my time at the Magnum Photography course ‘Navigating the Art Market’ and reflect upon final preparation of my work […]

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I am Me – Part 3

In preparing for the video presentation activity this week I reflected on the strengths and weaknesses of my video presentation in module 1 and how I would like to use the output of this presentation […]

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I am Me – Part 2

 During this week we discussed the subject of a photographer response and responsibilities and at the same time I visited the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Photography is heavily influenced by my environment […]

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I am Me – Part 1

The end of Week 8 and the topic was enter the Academy so we are now half way through the Informing Contexts Module, with a heavy bias towards critical theory and how to apply it […]

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I am Me – Introduction

In last weeks coursework reflection “Sea of Image – Reflection” I discuss the fact that my practice is an extension of me the person and ideologically I tend to align myself the the individualism. However after […]

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