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Project – City Canyons – Final Edit

The nature of Series No. 2 ‘City Canyons’ meant that I had a much smaller population of images to handle in the final edit because selection has taken place earlier in the creative process when […]

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Project – City Canyons – Contextualisation

Using multiple exposures as part of the photographic process is not a new technique it was used by Sir Francis Galton as part of his eugenics photography in the 1880s fast forward to the 21st […]

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Project – City Canyons – Creation (Revisited)

As the City Canyon’s project has developed further there has been a need to revise some elements of the processes used to create the images that will form the basis of the final edit. I […]

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Projects – City Canyons – Creation

The genesis for City Canyons was born out of some exploring how I could represent the act of walking the street of the City of London. When exploring this concept I started to consider a […]

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