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Cardboard – The Curator

For the second Photography Interlude I was asked to lead the discussion on the images created by the cohort in response to the second theme cardboard. I decided that for this second photography interlude I […]

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Cardboard – Concept No 2

The second concept for cardboard is based on the future of living with virtual reality, as Google’s virtual reality project is known as cardboard. Virtual Reality promises an escape from the our day to day […]

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Cardboard – Concept No 1

The first concept I created for for cardboard is based on the use of photography to record and validate that something in the past had existed. I selected  the following sentence “From this, moment that […]

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Photo Interlude – History of Tomato Soup – Group Portfolio

The History of Tomato Soup with combined images from MA students for review webinar with Dr. Steph Cosgrove.  

History of Tomato Soup – New possibilities

Reflecting on Tomato Soup as a project over the weekend I have identified a few possibilities that could allow the concept to extend into the topic we will discuss in week 8. I realised that […]

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Cupboard – Photography Interlude

After the success of the first photography interlude “Tomato Soup” which was later rebranded “Family of Tomato Soup”  based on popular demand the second photography interlude was launched on the 10th March. The object this […]

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The Family of Tomato Soup – Concept 2

The second image I selected for the History of Tomato Soup is another constructed image. In this case the image is exploring our relationship with food and how something that one person might like or […]

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The Family of Tomato Soup – Concept 1

For the Tomato Soup project I decided that I would use the contents of the product the tomato soup itself as part of my image. I considered a number of different ways that I might […]

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Project – Tomato Soup gets renamed

Tuesday morning 7th March. It is 4 days since launching the Student Led project Tomato Soup. I am amazed by the images that some of the cohort have shared around the the theme “Tomato Soup” […]

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Tomato Soup – Commissioning Brief

Friday morning 3rd March we have just completed week six of the second module the MA and it I sense that the cohort are running out of energy and we are just one third the […]

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