Cupboard – Photography Interlude

After the success of the first photography interlude “Tomato Soup” which was later rebranded “Family of Tomato Soup”  based on popular demand the second photography interlude was launched on the 10th March. The object this week is “cardboard” it pervades our lives especially  following large scale adoption of on-line shopping. It has been widely adopted as the packaging of choice given it’s credentials as a highly recyclable product. It will be interesting to see what everyone creates using this product of the modern age.

The launch time of the photography interlude is design to coincide with the release of the that weeks course work this so that it can either be used as a break between each weeks coursework or maybe something that others might want to incorporate into the coming weeks coursework. This part of the rationale for me selecting household or readily available objects for the interlude.

Willow one of my cats provides one of the launch images for the interlude. 

For readers keen on the history of art in media check out the following video the the potters wheel used by the BBC to create an interlude between programme. 

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