Draft WIP Portfolio – Activity

For the week 9 webinar I prepared a close to final selection of images for discussion with the group. The draft covered images from the 4 piers. I included a selection of the different. views for each pier plus view other images to gauge feedback to allow me to make an informed final selection for inclusion in the Work in Progress submission for the module.

Draft WIP Mod 4

The feedback was overall consistent from the students and tutor about the images included though some images resulted in a difference of opinion.

Image 1 was one such image with some linking the images and other finding the people sat on the benches a distraction as the other pier images are devoid of people or they were not a prominent feature of the image. This image is the only promenade deck image that has a portrait representation which I had done to avoid the light house ship on to the right of frame and to avoid coping the lamp posts on the deck. I therefore intend to reshot the image. Something that might not be possible in the future therefore when working on location and it is unclear which might be the better orientation I will aim to capture both to give me more flexibility at the post production stage.

The images of plaques on benches was viewed as a very literal simulacra to record the departure or passing of time and it was felt that the images already contained sufficient information to share that story. Plus they are the only images that contain text forcing the reader to have to focus on the image for longer than others in the series. Though I wanted to adjust the cadence of gaze the images with text force an abrupt change of cadence which is not inline with my desired intent. I instead wanted a more gentle ebb and flow to reflect the motion of the sea that surround the piers and therefore the plaque sequence is unlikely to make the final selection.

The diptych were viewed as ok but maybe too literal in nature with the exception of image 18 where the image conjures up thoughts of sea life. The other rubbings work well on their own other the need for reference to the source object.

The other images of the pier received positive feedback as they provide strong reference points drawing the reading into the image. The images of the pier superstructure received positive feedback the colour and tone of the light fro me help to create really strong compositions.

The sign showing the distance from the shore was an interesting image included to prompt discussion but not one I had intended for inclusion in the final selection.  The image from Southend Pier with the yellow paint blobs showing where future repair work might be required was viewed as strong. I personally really like the image because it contain information about past present and future within a single frame.

The final image I included in the selection is from the end of Southend-on-Sea Pier and is the steps passengers would descent down to get on to a boat. For me it felt like the final image for this series as it isa resolved point of departure.

I plan to reflect further on the feedback from the webinar but overall I believe I have a good core set of 14 images with room to add a few more before I reach the point where I have to make a final selection. 


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