From here to there – Webinar

In preparation for this week’s webinar I created a short pdf to cover the key material that might get discussed at the webinar. The presentation covers four topics:

  • Preparation for London Photo Show: I have decided to show images from my last Work in Progress at the show as a resolved body of work which open on the 18th October. I have been working with my preferred printers to get the images ready for the exhibition. This week the focus has been on production management making sure that the correct images are produced and that they are delivered for review. Getting them printed now provides us with time to review the prints and if required make alterations if there are issues.
  • Research Project Shoots: I have undertaken two additional shoots since completing my last work in progress submission. The shoots were both location shoots at Clacton-on-sea Pier and Southend-on-Sea Pier. Based on the feedback from the last module the shoots were more focused and I looked for specific details at the two different locations and recorded a few wide contextual images.
  • Follow-up on Chelmsford Museum: I have a tentative agreement with the museum to record the removal of exhibits from the Victorian part of the museum before redevelopment work starts. Additionally the images taken of the Water Treatment plant are going to form part of the museums archive of the site which houses the out of city part of the museum.
  • Weekend with Studio and Event Photographer: As part of the activities in the summer break I spent time with a photographer to organises studio days and photographic events alongside his commercial practice. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss running a successful photographic business and the challenges of operating that business in a market that is constantly changing. The conversation highlighted the fact that even if ones practice is successful you need to adapt to changing tastes and demands of your client base. 
Sustainable Prospects - Week 1 (reduced)
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