History of Tomato Soup – New possibilities

Reflecting on Tomato Soup as a project over the weekend I have identified a few possibilities that could allow the concept to extend into the topic we will discuss in week 8. I realised that Tomato Soup could be used multiple way in art projects that could involve children alongside the Images created by the Falmouth Flexible MA Photography Students. To make that point I realised that within half a mile of  Printspace who are based in the East End of London there 3 primary schools and 2 colleges. It would be amazing to use this project to encourage children schools that have traditionally be viewed as covering deprived to participate in an art project. I am considering developing a pitch to engage with schools and Printspace to make this project a reality.

This would allow my practice to develop in a new direction which is helping spread photography and art to children. Worth considering.

At the weekend I decide it was time for “Family of Tomato Soup” to go social with the sharing of one of my images on Facebook in the Falmouth Flexible  Group.

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