London Photo Show Preparation 1 Week to go – Exhibition

The creation of the printed version of the Artist Statement to exhibit on the wall next to the work so that when I am not standing next to the exhibit members of the public would have an opportunity to understanding some of the story behind the work.

Last person to leave turn off the tap

When I have viewed exhibitions in galleries such as the barbican exhibits are sometimes have an accompanying title so I decided to create a simple piece of artwork to accompany my prints.

exhibition title

The next task was to create labels so that anyone interacting with the individual images would know as a photographer the names of each piece and some information about the medium of production


The final piece of preparation work allocated for this week was the creation of a hanging guide and the event organisers would be hanging my work for me. I feel than creating a hanging guide ahead of an exhibition is a useful activity as it allows you to experiment with hanging ideas before arriving at the venue saving time and reducing stress.

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