Project – Childhood Memories – Creation

For the Childhood Memories project I wanted to retain an analogue workflow for much of the process using the slide projector and screen that had been used to during those childhood viewings. The intention was to create the double exposure images in camera to retain as much as possible the aesthetic of the Ektachrome slides. Initially I decided to use my mirrorless Canon M5 camera to record the resulting images. This dictated that I use the camera on a tripod with a shutter duration of sufficient length to allow allow two image to pass in front of the sensor while the shutter was open. The balance of the two images being controlled by the timing of the command to advance the slide in the projector. There was a certain amount of experimentation required to decide how long to have each image viewable by the sensor allowing me to achieve a mix ratio of 0%:100% to 100%:0% or any amount in between the two. In most of the early images I looked to advance the slide at around 50% of the total shutter speed to give a 50:50 ratio for most of the images. The following image is an example of these early images.

  I also decided in these images to include part of the screen outside of the area covered by the slide to emphasis the fact the images were being captured from the slide screen. On closer inspection of the image it is possible to make out the pattern of the slide screen and there are also marks from the projector lens visible in the image. This is a result of the lower quality materials used in the projector’s focusing lens.

Overall I was happy with these initial images and decided to move my attention to sorting through the slides to find suitable combinations of slides to create my double exposures.

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