Project: Contextualisation – Mark Power

To place my practice and the project Tilbury to Harwich I have looked at a number of different contemporary photographers this includes Mark Power who has a project based on coastal images called “The Shipping Forecast” where he includes data dat from the shipping forecast into the title of the images. There are parallels to the John Constable’s Seascapes where he became more scientific in recording of atmospheric conditions.  When growing up as child I remember hearing the shipping forecasts on the radio on Sunday afternoons so Lundy, Tyne, Dogger are all familiar names.

For my own project I wanted to capture scientific data related to the location of the images, so I have started to record the tidal and weather information on each day I shoot images for the coastline. I intend to go further my incorporating myself into the image titles to achieve this I am recording my vitals on each shoot day. This will allow me to add this information into the title and through that approach introduce the photographer into my images.

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