Project – Tomato Soup gets renamed

Tuesday morning 7th March. It is 4 days since launching the Student Led project Tomato Soup. I am amazed by the images that some of the cohort have shared around the the theme “Tomato Soup” (the Genesis).Following a sequence of events my little underground project has reach the gaze of the Faculty and on Wednesday the images will get discussed in Office Hours. This project now needs a title that represents  the collective efforts of the cohort it is mainstream.

So I thought about a few possible titles: “The International House of Tomato Soup”,  “The Soup Kitchen”, “The History of Tomato Soup” however no felt correct for the body of work. I had been doing some research on Edward Steichen and had recently watch a presentation on a new exhibition at MoMA which got me thinking.  In 2016 the Pompidou Centre had adapted the title of an Fox Talbot exhibition “The Pencil of Nature” to  become the “Pencil of Culture” . If other could adapt titles for their own purpose why not me. Therefore I decided that this project should be renamed “The Family of Tomato Soup” after Steichen’s Family of Man exhibition for MoMA. The title has other meanings as Tomato Soup has a strong connections with the family and Heinz allude to this fact in the branding of their soup’s with the strap line “The nation’s favourite soup, now in a cup!”

Footnote: I am considering pitching the work to a gallery space in London that does free exhibitions but need to produce a written pitch to go along with the images.

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