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When deciding to undertake my MA I considered it as a journey of photographic development and therefore it felt only appropriate. That my project should be a journey that links to the inner part of me. I have visited many countries in the world but when even cross the county boundary of my birthplace there is always a sense of returning home. Essex has become stereotyped during the 1980s with tabloid journalists use of the terms Essex Girl, White Van Man.

My project is based on a journey along the Essex Coastline starting on the Thames Estuary end at the Orwell Estuary. The project will explore how the coastal eco-system and its support of wildlife, commerce and our pursuit of leisure time. The idea will be to explore the different components use perspective to challenge what the observer sees within the frame. Idea is to use different photographic capture techniques and tools to help provider those different perspectives.

The title for my Project is Tilbury 2 Harwich which use the concept of the Grand Tour to help guide my voyage of discover though to reflect the world of Austerity I have decided to call it my Petit Tour.

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  1. […] At the end of his talk Chris mentioned that Nadav Kander is currently working on a project about the Thames Estuary which was interesting for me because that has potential parallels to my own intended project Tilbury to Harwich which covers the Essex coastline part of which is on the Thames Estuary. Kander is famous another project on a river course Yangtze the Long River. The work of Kander and Burtinsky will help to contextualise my project ‘Tilbury to Harwich’ as start to develop the themes outlined in my initial proposal in Module 1 ‘Positions and Practice’ […]

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