Selecting a theme for my project

When selecting a project for MA my starting point was my list of personnel projects to that list I added a few ideas that started to resonate from the first few weeks of the course. In reviewing the short list of projects I started to define a few criteria that I felt were important to me when selecting the project a worthy project.

The project needs to have the following attributes:

  • Support a journey in development of my practice
  • Should be different from other personal projects I have completed in the past
  • Should have sufficient breadth to sustain my interest throughout the duration of the project

The project ideas on the shortlist that almost made the final selection were:

Body Art Revealed: The idea behind this project is that there are people walking down the street that art walking pieces of art however that art is not normally visible to use. The idea of the project was to capture the person everyone sees and then take picture of the hidden body art and tell the story behind the art. The use creative lighting to turn the portrait into another piece of art.

Cat People: The idea behind this project is that people say we look like our pets. The concept for the project was to develop the Eugenics theme using composite images of pet’s and owners. The end result would to to combine all of the Eugenic images into a composite of the cat people. Predominantly the project would be based around headshots. Though there was the option to explore full length composite images.

Human in Nature: This project was the an evolution of the collaboration project expanding the idea to use a broader range of flora and fauna in the images. On the basis that project was a collaborative piece of work it did not feel appropriate to develop as a solo project.

In my next post I will outline the concepts behind the selected project topic.

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