Strategies of Mediation – Reflection

In creating this weeks reflection post I have considered the following items:

  • Your experience of the week’s activities and feedback received.
  • Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project.
  • The forms your project / photographs could potentially take moving forward.

The concepts of  mediation are not something that is new within my practice, they are in fact something that I have used periodically for projects over the years. I am familiar with the topics discussed in Joywar and how an artist needs to be careful to consider the different sources they have used in their image making. I discuss my response in more detail in the Joywar discussion. The work I submitted during module two used appropriation as part of Re-seeing Childhood where I used my fathers images as source material for the work and remixing as part of City Canyons where I merged multiple images together similar to photographers such as Idras Khan who I referenced as an influence for that project.

Based on feedback from Chris Littlewood from Flowers Gallery (Magnum Photography Event) I plan to only use techniques of remixing sparingly so that my practice is not only associated with a technique rather than my storytelling which I consider as the differentiating feature for my practice.

The subjects discussed this week have confirmed that my decision to use appropriation and remixing as techniques is valid within an art based practice. These are techniques that I will continue to refine and evolve alongside my other skills rather than assume I have already achieved an optinium state.


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