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Photography and its Fine Art Markets – Reflection

This week my reflection covers two items: Harwich Pier Revisited – Shoot The Talk between Francesca Genovese and Anna on Francesca Meffeo Gallery Based on feedback from last week’s portfolio review I decided to revisit […]

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Harwich Pier Revisited – Project

Location: Harwich Pier Intent: The intent of the shoot was to revisit Harwich Pier and capture additional images to broaden the selection of Harwich Pier images for consideration in the final WIP selection. A priority […]

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WIP Clinic – Activity

I have two focus areas for week 10 the first is preparing a revised Work in Progress presentation for this week’s webinar and final preparation activites for my Photowalk on the 6th August. Work in […]

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Critical Review Video – Tools

During Module 1 (Positions and Practice) there was a task to submit a video defining our practices broadly I was happy with the finished product but I felt that there was room for improvement in […]

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Peer Review Video Presentations – Reflection

For me the video presentation represented a chance to share an early preview of my critical review of practice that will be submitted at the end of April. When preparing the video I had to […]

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Critical Review Video

For the video presentation in Module one I prepared the presentation using the same approach I have used when speaking at conferences as part of my current job. If I am doing a 30 minute […]

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Theory in Practice – Reflection

I consider my photographic practice to still be in the forming stage. I have a number of subjects which create stronger emotional connections for me than other subject types of forms of photography. The images […]

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