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Amy Simmons Treatment – Activity

Amy Simmons set the following treatment brief: “This is for a European department store who is trying to break into the UK market, so that’s the client that you need to have in mind. The […]

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Art and Commerce – Reflection

During this reflection I cover the following topics Amy Simmons – Challenge Felicity McCabe Talk Unfortunately due to work commitments I was not able to attend the live Q&A Session with Amy Simmons however I […]

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Interim Feedback – Reflection

The Richard Billingham interview was an opportunity to hear an artist talk about their bodies of work and place them into context within their broader practice. Billlingham is interesting for a number of reasons partly […]

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Introducing Proposal and audience – Reflection

When considering the the topic of proposals and their target audience I looked at a number of different sources. The first was to consider how I use proposals in my current role and second to […]

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