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The digital new possibilities – Reflection

This weeks reflection post considers the following topics: Use of social media in promoting a practice Shoot preparation of Barge passage Harwich to Maldon Final preparation of opening night at London Photo Show This week […]

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Instagram – Activity

This activity during week3 is all about the use of social media to engage with an audience. Anna-Marie’s assertion is “Instagram is the most effective platform for self promotion.” For me I have a problem […]

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Viral Image Challenge – Activity

The second task for week 3 was to create a viral image on Instagram. Given the limited number of followers I have on Instagram and a basic understanding of the Instagram algorithms for promoting images […]

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Making a zine – Activity

For the second activity of this week on strategies for sharing we were asked to form groups, then decided on a theme for a zine and then use our network to crowdsource images that we […]

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Strategies of Sharing – Reflection

In creating with week’s reflection I have considered the following items: Your experience of the week’s activities and any feedback received from peers and tutors Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project The […]

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Constructed Realities – Reflection

When discussing the constructed reality I feel on more familiar ground. When I am working with people within my photographic practice my work can be very much positioned as photographic constructions. My practice is not […]

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Collaboration: Reflection

For my own practice I have team of people who are my collaborative partners however they are from different disciplines who are involved at different stages of the creative process. Though ultimately creative license rests […]

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Collaboration: The process

The collaboration process for this project was going to have to be virtual given the timeframe and physical logistics. We agreed that as part of the image capture process I would take care of the […]

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Collaboration: The Idea

Collaboration Week. Collaborating with another photographer is not something that is new for me and there is a small group of photographers who I collaborate with on projects. However for the micro project to work […]

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