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Estimate – Activity

The second activity of the week was to produce an estimate. “A small communications agency contacts you and would like you to give them an estimate. They are re-branding Broadgate, an area in London, and […]

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Tell A Story – Activity

The activity this week was to tell a story that has a clear beginning middle and end in 5 to 7 images that could be local. ParisPhoto was this weekend and I decided to make […]

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Who Buys Photography Part 1 – Reflection

For this week’s reflection I will look back on the following items: Selling my work Estimate – Challenge ParisPhoto and Offprint visit Paris photo – creating work in an unfamiliar environment Earlier in this module […]

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Paris – Project

Location: Paris Intent: While visiting Paris I decided to revisit my body of work City Canyons and explore how this work would translate to some of the streets in Paris. Equipment Used: I decided to […]

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ParisPhoto and OffPrint – Event

Last year we visited ParisPhoto as a field trip with Falmouth University and this year I decided to visit ParisPhoto to specifically look at work of photographers who I view as contemporary photographers such as […]

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Workshop Guidance – Reflection

In this week’s reflection I have considered the following questions: What is your role as a photographer?  How can you help others? What might teaching others actually teach you? For the type of workshop I […]

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Enter the Academy – Reflection

Many artists including photographs aspire to have their work exhibited in a gallery possibly as an affirmation that their work relevance and meaning. Yet when as a group we discussed our experience of visiting different […]

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Exhibition – Richard Mosse: Incoming

Week 8 included a task to visit a gallery I decided to go an exhibition by Richard Mosse at the Barbican Curve titled Incoming. The exhibition chart the journey of refuges crossing the Europes Borders. […]

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Exploring contexts: Web Presentation

I feel today having an internet presence is a key element of any artists practice as it allows you to project your practice globally. I have experiment over the years with many different tools and […]

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