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Who Buys Photography Part 2 – Reflection

For this week’s reflection I will look back on the following items: Amy Simmons Presentation Portfolio Refresh – Activity PhotoLondon Simon Frederick Talk Filter House Follow-on Meeting Southend Pier Shoot Draft WIP Portfolio Review Looking […]

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Draft WIP Portfolio – Activity

For the week 9 webinar I prepared a close to final selection of images for discussion with the group. The draft covered images from the 4 piers. I included a selection of the different. views […]

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PhotoLondon Talk – Simon Frederick and Renee Mussai

21st November was the first PhotoLondon Talk of the 2018 series with Renee Mussai and Simon Frederick. Renee is a senior curator at Autograph and Simon is fine art and portrait photographer and Television producer. […]

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Website – simonfremont.com Review

    Though I have had a web presence for multiple years and own the domain name simonfremont.com I have not refreshed the design of the site for a few years now. Based on the […]

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Southend Pier Revisited – Project

Location: Southend-on-Sea Pier Intent: My Tilbury to Harwich project and specifically the work related to the leisure piers has evolved significantly since my last trip to Southend-on-Sea Pier. Therefore, the intent for the shoot was […]

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Production 1 – Reflection

I considered the following questions when preparing this week’s reflection: • your experience of the week and feedback received • any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project • the forms your project / photographs […]

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Production 1 – Activity

For Production Week 1 I had two key activities: Planning for the Oral Presentation Priniting Book Dummy 3 The first task for the week was to draft a plan for my Oral Presentation. Reviewing the […]

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Responses and Responsibilities – Reflection

This week we considered the power of persuasion conveyed through the photographic image and we were asked to consider a world without photography ‘Try to imagine, if only for a moment, what your intellectual, political […]

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Responses and Responsibility – Notes

Questions:  What images do you remember? Why was that? Where did you see them? Are we desensitised to images of conflict today? What imagery provokes change for you? Why? The Raising of the flag on […]

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Introducing critical thinking: Reflection

This week’s topic of Critical Thinking has been one of the more challenging topics within module 1. I think this is partly due to the fact that it can be viewed as a very academic […]

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