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Visited the Lens Show at the Islington Business Centre on the 6th May and attended a number of talks including one by Elishama Udorok on how to get your vidoes go viral. It appears there is a magic formula of 5 Cs that increases the chances your content will go viral:

  • Cool Content
  • Creative
  • Controvesial
  • Chicks
  • Cats

Though as the talk progressed Elishama explained that there is a little bit more than just the 5 Cs to increase changes of your content going viral. How he explained the steps that they used to get the Chicken Shop Reviews go viral.

Step 1: Develop the first half a dozen episodes so that views have a back catalogue to view.

Step 2: Start by promoting your content on core sites such as Reddit and Buzzfeed. Get key influencers to comment on your material starting to generate interest that will ripple through the community.

Step 3: Take control of publicity by imposing a blackout so that you control when press get information that is co-ordinated with the release of new episodes to increase the level of traffic on the internet to coincide with espisode releases. The increased demand drives internet traffic.

It will be interesting to compare this strategy for viral videos compares with the strategies discussed in module 3.

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