The Family of Tomato Soup – Concept 1

For the Tomato Soup project I decided that I would use the contents of the product the tomato soup itself as part of my image. I considered a number of different ways that I might introduce tomato soup into the image such as in the form of abstract art similar to the work of Jackson Pollack.

. Number 8, Jackson Pollack (1949)

Though using just a single colour it did not speak to me as an image so instead I took my inspiration from a couple of different sources. First was the Hitchcock Movie Psycho (1960) with the blood dripping down down the shower curtain and Janet Leigh screaming. The second source of inspiration was an image from my back catalogue called “Fractured Mind” (2015)

Fractured mind was created by smearing vaseline on a perspex sheet placed between the model and the camera. For the homage to psycho image I decided to use the same setup but this time applied tomato soup to the perspex to create the impression of blood dripping across the scene. The lighting for the scene was selected to add more drama and darken the mood.


Overall I was happy with the final image. The culling process of this shoot can be found here.

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