Time to Play – Activity

The second activity was time to play.

As part of my practice I record at least a few images each day that capture an event which is part of daily life. For the last month I have been recording images from my commute to and from work and share those with Philip Singleton a fellow MA student and our images are sometimes reactions to the work shared with each other depending upon who shares the first image.

I record most of my daily images on an iPhone rather than carry one of my other cameras with me. Using the iPhone for image making has changed the type of images I capture compared with  carry a large DSLR or a smaller compact camera. I now tend to record the moment which previously would have been a memory stored in my brain but some I could not easily share with others.

3 Lights

This the first of the images captured as part of the sequence and was taken in my Hotel room at the Student Hotel on the first night. I found the lights as an interesting feature in the room but they become more interesting due to the lens flare created when pointing the iPhone directly at them.
















Herengracht Canal, Amsterdam

This image was recorded using the Impossible Camera and Impossible Orange and Black instant film. Orange is an important colour in the Netherlands and in the summer of Queen’s day you will find the canal streets full of people wearing orange. I decide for my 8 image documentary of Amsterdam it was fitting to use the impossible instant film to record my thoughts.















Advertising, Amsterdam Style









I like this image because it contain multiple icons associated with Amsterdam which naturally holds the readers gaze for longer than might be associated with other advertisements for cat food.















Life on the tubes

This image was recorded on my daily commute on the Jubilee Line. During the rush hour the trains get very crowded and people are invading each others personnel space but their desire to get to work on time means they will accept a level of proximity that is not normal. I like the fact that the two people standing created the subframe for the man sat opposite who gaze was anywhere but the people surrounding him.




















Euston Station

I was travelling to Knutsford and while waiting for the train I noticed that some of the people were standing waiting like statues while other people swirled around them like water finding spaces to flow away. This image reflects those feels. It is has an almost painterly feeling maybe similar to works by Monet. The colour palette is very soft and really appeals to my tastes.

















Gas under control 

This image was the last in the series of images I recorded this week. It is very much documentary in style. It records the outcome of the installation of a new smart meter in my house. They installed the meter but left the gas disconnected because they decided we had a gas leak in the house. I found it ironic that the installation of smart meters is advertised as being about getting gas and electric under control. In my case that control meant having the gas supply disconnected.

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