The global image: Reflection

Reflecting upon the week 1 task the global image has different meaning beyond the image as a physical thing. The global image relates to the creation of the image, the way the image is distributed to potential audiences and finally the way those audiences perceive and interpret the image.

When looking at the images posted by other students I was a surprised to see that most had gravitated towards that show the suffering that humans can inflict on each other as opposed to the post influences. The images certainly were global in where they were captured.

What I also found interesting from the posts of other students is the concerns raised around the protecting the idea / intellectual property. Maybe this is a reflection of our current society because we are either concerned that some will accuse us of stealing their idea or we are afraid of someone stealing our ideas. The free exchange of ideas is at the core of creativity and innovation within any discipline. In fact photography probably would not be where it is now if there had not been the bold decision to share the processes behind the Dagruerreotype by the French Government [1].

The globalisation of photography in this modern world can be see from the negative perspective of why does the world need another photographer when millions of images appear on Facebook daily. I however prefer to look at it from a positive perspective which is as a photographer I now can share my art with a global market which in the past would have either been impossible or extremely expensive.


[1] Global Photography, David Bate, Bloomsbury Academic

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