The global image: Selecting a global image

The global image was for me an interesting week 1 task. Like many of the other students to selecting an image that I considered to be truly global was a challenge. Is there really such a thing as the “Global Image”.  For me this meant an image that would have broad relevance and would be interpreted in the same way by a significant percentage of the human population. In selecting my image I considered a range of different categories:

  • People could I select an image of a person that would be viewed the same way globally. I discounted religious and political images because different  ideologies interpret images very differently. I did consider posting a picture of a newborn baby as it is heart of human existence.
  • Products and Global brands here I explored the idea of posting an iconic image from a brand that has a global reach because as a race I fell we are becoming more and more a consumer driven culture. In this instance I did not select an image from this category because according the World Bank 767 million people live on less that $1.9 a day To put that into perspective their annual income is equivalent to the cost of that popular camera the iPhone.
  • Iconic historical images: I thought I might find suitable image in this category but again when I considered the topic of global recognition there were plenty of possible images but for me they were related to specific times in history.
  • Environment: Here I explored images that related to the environment and the interaction of humans on our own environment. Having just returned from a region of Spain where the wells are dry because it has not rained for nearly two years I felt an connection to extreme weather events that causing being caused by humans. This ultimately became the source of my images for this week.

When making my image selection I considered using an globally recognised image to depict extreme weather events but my final selection was an image that encapsulated the destruction of extreme weather and the cause of the extreme weather events.

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