Collaboration: Reflection

For my own practice I have team of people who are my collaborative partners however they are from different disciplines who are involved at different stages of the creative process. Though ultimately creative license rests with me.

Therefore I decided for this micro project I wanted to work with someone where the project would be a a 50:50 collaboration with joint creative license. I think that through this process and the resulting resolved body of work we achieved that end result. The time we spent talking about the images during preparation of the presentation give me new insight into the images we created that would not have been possible via my normal practice.

The challenge was to create a piece of resolved work which I feel we achieved. Though we recognised that the body of work could be expanded and could be taken in a number of different directions given more time.

The feedback we got in the webinar on Friday was great as I felt that the group understood the messages behind the images. There were two interesting pieces of feedback: the first being the size of the images and that potentially they would have more impact as bigger pieces of work. There is a follow-on task to determine what is the optimum  size for the images. The second is to re-examine the use of colour in the images given the environmental message within the images.


The black and white vs colour debate

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  1. Dayana 10th October 2016 at 2:04 pm #

    Great Job you and Jedd! Loved it.