Rethinking Photographers: Reflection

After week three’s collaboration challenge week 4 has been a change to examine how the broader populus view Professional Photographers and place our own practices into that context. The world is constantly changing and this changes the people’s perception of that role and it;s relevance with modern society. When running a business failure to re-think your mission and purpose can have a catastrophic impact impact on that business look at what has happened to Kodak which a few decades ago was a stalwart of the photographic industry and an early innovator in digital photography. There will also be new entrants into the market companies such as Samsung and Apple have no real heritage in the photography but now used to capture more images than the established players. In a practice where technology has always been an intrinsic part of the practices advances in that technology will influence and inform the practice.

When I review the articles on the topics such as UGC, the Filter Generation there is a common message that the technology is not the defining component of a great image instead it is the content and as a professional for me content is king.

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